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Sedgehammer - Nutsedge Lawn Weed Killer - 13.5g
Sedgehammer - Nutsedge Lawn Weed Killer - 13.5g

Sedgehammer - Nutsedge Lawn Weed Killer - 13.5g


Delivery orders are placed on hard surfaces with street access only. Under no circumstances, will the driver proceed off hard surfaces in areas around your home or property.



  • Bonita Springs: Pickup Only
  • Cape Coral: Pickup Only
  • Englewood: Pickup Only
  • Fort Myers: Pickup Only
  • Fort Myers Metro: Pickup Only
  • Lake Alfred: Not Available
  • Lakeland: Not Available
  • Naples: Pickup Only
  • Orlando: Pickup Only
  • Altamonte Springs: Pickup Only

  • Knocks out nutsedge without injury to turfgrass, established ornamentals, shrubs, and/or trees
  • Provides post-emergence control of both purple and yellow nutsedge
  • Controls many broadleaf weeds and suppresses kyllinga
  • Controls both yellow and purple nutsedge in cool season and warm season turfgrasses with demonstrated safety to most turfgrass species
  • Sedgehammer Herbicide is for use in established lawns, ornamental turfgrass, and landscape areas.
  • Can also be applied in residential turf, other non-crop sites including: airports, cemeteries, fallow areas, golf courses, landscaped areas, public recreation areas, residential property, roadsides, school grounds, sod or turf seed farms, sports fields, fairgrounds, race tracks, tennis courts, campgrounds, and rights-of-way.