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Committed to a better environment! 

'Committed to a better environment' is not just a part of our company logo...but part of our day to day operation.  Our Resources and Training page will continue to grow and change with new information on scientific studies, articles and links to active environmental sites.

Our FloriMulch family of products have earned endorsements and referrals from organizations such as Friends of the Everglades and Florida Native Plant Society.

Please visit this page often as we will try to post pertinent information about landscaping products and practices.   

Post-Hurricane Considerations for the Commercial Nursery
By: Thomas H. Yeager
Operators of hurricane-damaged nurseries are faced with the task of re-establishing physical resources such as buildings, plant inventory and equipment as well as considerations regarding future fiscal or business decisions. They must evaluate their own situation and quickly decide on long- and short-term priorities...READ MORE

Caring for Hurricane-Damaged Home Landscape Plants
By: Robert J. Black
Hurricane-damaged plants should be cared for as soon as possible after the storm. Small trees and shrubs, particularly those uprooted or damaged, should be securely staked in their original growing positions. Until the tree or shrub is reset, make every effort to protect the exposed root system and prevent it from drying out... READ MORE

Hurricane Preparedness For Citrus Groves
By: Robert E. Rouse
It is best to devise a hurricane plan and use it to make preparations far before the June to mid-October hurricane season. Although hurricanes can strike at any time during that period, they are most likely to occur in August and September... READ MORE

By: Sylvia K. Beauchamp, UF/IFAS Educational Media & Services
Cypress mulch, commonly considered the "Cadillac" of mulches, is widely used in professional landscaping plans and the yards of Florida homeowners. But at what price? READ MORE

Landscape Mulches: How Long They Retain Their Color?
By: Mary L. Duryea
Landscape mulches contribute to the beauty of Florida's urban gardens and landscapes. The contrasting color of the mulch compared to the plants contributes to a natural yet neat appearance. Yet, in addition to beauty, mulches provide a number of other benefits. Mulches are known to buffer soil temperature, prevent water loss from evaporation, and control weeds. These advantages along with the attractiveness of mulch have resulted in a variety of mulches available for the gardener and landscaper. READ MORE

Landscape Mulches: How Quickly Do They Settle?
By: Mary L. Duryea
Mulches are an increasingly important part of the Florida urban landscape. Mulches are also known to buffer soil temperature, prevent water loss from evaporation, and reduce erosion. Weed control either by inhibiting weed germination or suppressing weed growth is another benefit of mulches. These advantages and the increasing interest in mulching have resulted in a wide array of mulches available for the gardener and landscaper. READ MORE

Landscape Mulches: Will Subterranean Termites Consume Them?
By: Mary L. Duryea
Subterranean termites occur throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the world and cause the majority of damage to wood in use (Moore 1979; Anonymous 1997). They live in the soil in colonies which can number up to 1 million workers and soldiers. In nature, their role as decomposers of dead and fallen trees is a valuable one. However, termites also consume wood in service, and so there is great interest and concern over their threat to wooden buildings and structures. READ MORE

Effect of Organic and Inorganic Landscape Mulches on Subterranean termites
By: Catherine E. Long, Barbara L. Thorne, Nancy L. Breisch, Larry W. Douglass, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland 
This research investigated whether organic and inorganic landscape mulches, which buffer soils against temperature extremes and desiccation, create conditions conducive to subterranean foraging by reticulitermes virginicus (Banks). In the field, termite activity was measured with cardboard monitors placed beneath and within plots of Eucalyptus, hardwood, pine bark, and pea gravel mulches, and bare ground (Control)... READ MORE

TAME Melaleuca!The Areawide Management Evaluation of Melaleuca is an areawide program that involves several public agencies. It is administered by the USDA/ARS and the SFWMD. Melaleuca, also known as punk tree, paperbark tree, or cajeput, is a nuisance plant in South Florida. READ MORE

FLORIDA PLANTS ONLINE. This website features a directory of information sources on the internet about Florida's plant life and environment. READ MORE

Mulch Types: Advantages vs. Disadvantages
By: Peggy Musial/ Orlando Sentinel
Cover all the bases when choosing right mulch! If you're one who says mulch is just mulch, no matter what you lay on the ground, think again. With the proliferation of mulch choices on the market, consider these facts about organic and inorganic products before you buy. READ MORE

Martin County IFAS Cooperative Extension 

Proud Members of The Royal Palm Chapter of the Florida Nursery, Grower & Landscape Association, (FNGLA). 

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