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GoMulch.com - Featuring garden mulch, playground mulch, soil amendment, organic fertilizer, river rock, lava rock and other landscaping rock and shells, available for delivery in bags or bulk
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Our goal is to provide our visitors with information provided through studies and white papers authored by State Universities, Department of Agriculture Extension Agencies, Private Institutions, and non-profit agencies such as The Native Plant Society, and Friends of the Everglades.

Landscape Mulches: How Quickly Do They Settle?
Mulches are an increasingly important part of the Florida urban landscape. Mulches are also known to buffer soil temperature, prevent water loss... READ MORE...

Landscape Mulches: How Long Do They Retain Their Color?
Landscape mulches contribute to the beauty of Florida's urban gardens and landscapes. The contrasting color of the mulch compared to... READ MORE...

Landscape Mulches: Will Subterranean Termites Consume Them?
Subterranean termites occur throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the world and cause the majority of damage to wood... READ MORE...

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