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Bio Barrier Root Control System

Bio Barrier Root Control System - click for large image IN STOCK!
Product Number: L30-0004

For more than 30 years, trifluralin has been used between rows of food crops to prevent weed growth; because of this extensive use and numerous research projects, much is known about it. It has an EPA toxicity rating of class IV, the "practically nontoxic" class (acute oral: LD50, (rats) > 10,000 mg/kg), making it slightly more toxic than sugar but less than salt. Trifluralin has an extremely low water solubility of 0.3 ppm, making it unlikely to leach. It tightly attaches to soil, so it doesn't tend to migrate, and it decomposes in six months or less, so it doesn't persist in the ground.

Biobarrier - Root Control System
Typar-type cloth with plastic, trifluralin-encased nodules imbedded into the cloth to control root damage. The time-released, built-in herbicide stops cell division and is not systemic. Will not leach into groundwater.

Landscape beds
Parking Lots
Tennis Courts
Jogging/Bike Trails
Drainage Pipes
Building Foundations
Home Patios
Landfill Caps
Earthen Dams
Cart Paths

Easy to install and will be effective at least 15 years. However, depending on soil temperature and composition, it should last much longer.

Pruning should be done with care and common sense. Roots give trees support and sustenance, and severe pruning can effect both functions. When in doubt, call an arborist for consultation.

Available in 12", 19.5", 39", & 58.5" X 100' rolls.

Biobarrier is guaranteed for 15 years


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