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Bayer Fungus Control For Lawns

Bayer Fungus Control For Lawns - click for large image IN STOCK!
Product Number: F20-0333

When used according to label instruction, Bayer Advanced Fungus Control For Lawns will effectively control a number of lawns diseases. Please refer to the product label for more information. This product will control lawn diseases including Anthracnose, Bermudagrass decline, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Blight, Gray Leafspot, Powdery Mildew, Red Thread, Rhizoctonia Blight, Rust, Smut and Summer Patch. This product provides three-way action: It kills existing fungi, forms a protective barrier on the outside of the plant and is absorbed into the plant to keep on protecting regardless of weather conditions. Cures and prevents common lawn diseases. Works systemically to protect for up to 1 month. Controls Red Thread, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Rusts and others. Weatherproof protection. Treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. Per the product label, Bayer Advanced Fungus Control For Lawns Granules should only be applied to lawns. The diseases listed on the label are common lawn infections. Although we would not expect any adverse effects to ornamental plantings, we cannot guarantee effective control of the target disease. Therefore, we must advise you strictly adhere to instructions found on the product label. Watering after application carries Bayer Advanced Fungus Control For Lawns Granules into the root zone. It enters the grass through its roots and blades. Rain or water cannot wash off this internal protection!

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