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  • Prepare:

     Remove weeds and grasses by hand. Use herbicides only in difficult cases such as Bermuda grass but be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions!


    Calculate how many cubic yards of mulch you need using our online Mulch Calculator.

    Give us a call:

    Call or come by any of our convenient Southwest Florida locations! You can pick up your mulch, or schedule a delivery!

    Spread the Mulch:

    Use a pitchfork rather than a shovel to spread the mulch evenly around your plants. Mulch around trees should look like a donut, with the trunk in the donut hole. Definitely don't heap mulch around the trunk of a tree or plant. It will cause the outer layer of bark on the tree to rot and leave your plants vulnerable to any number of diseases and insects. The really keen gardeners finish off the job by hand, smoothing the mulch and molding the edges to give a "raised bed" effect.

    Then take care of it during the year: Remember that your mulch is a natural organic product and it will weather some from exposure to rain and sun. But only the top quarter inch or so will fade. The mulch just below the surface of the weathered mulch is still dark! Simply rake off the top layer with a leaf rake and you will have a fresh look all over! Or, if you prefer, turn the top layer into the rest of the mulch and you will get the same fresh appearance.


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