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  • Choosing the right mulch?  Consider the following:

    As an alternative to cypress... our 100% Melaleuca FloriMulch is the environmentally friendly alternative.  Other options include our "gold" color mulch made from all natural wood fiber.

    SFloriMulch          SSpecialtyGold

    For long lasting color... try our selection of color mulches including: RED, GOLD- to simulate Cypress, and BURNT ORANGE to simulate Eucalyptus.  Our color mulch is made from all natural wood fiber.  The ionized inks adhere and sustain the color for 7 - 9 months.  And all colorants are non-toxic and biodegradable.  

    Red s          SSpecialtyGold          SEucalyptusBlend

    In support of our environment... our family of FloriMulch products stand head and shoulders above the rest!  Endorsed by the Friends of the Everglades, FloriMulch promotes wetland restoration through the eradication of the Melaleuca Tree which is an aggressive exotic within our native environment. 

    Even more... FloriMulch has been tested by the University of Florida to be termite resistant, and is certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture to be nematode free. It goes through a curing process that naturally uses a balance of heat, air and water content in the material. This naturally removes all weed seed. Absolutely no chemicals are used in this process!

    SFloriMulch          SFloriMulchPlus          PlaySafe s


    For nutritional benefits... our Vita-Mulch- also known as Gardener's Blend, is produced from Horticultural Land Clearing, consisting of wood fiber, soil, sand, humus and organic minerals.  It works back into the soil to enhance base soil conditions, and is perfect for all planting areas...especially when used in annual flower beds.

    Choose an organic mulch instead of an inorganic ground cover. An organic mulch decomposes over time into humus. Soil condition is improved by increased humus content, primarily by improving the moisture retaining capacity of your soil. Organic mulches also improve soil structure, making soils less compact and more productive through improved aeration.

    Inorganic ground covers such as lava rock, pea gravel, shredded tires or crushed bricks do not insulate your plants from cold or heat, and do not enrich the soil.

    Vita mulch s

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