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In 1983, Forestry Resources, Inc. was formed with a single mission: 

Do something to slow the spread of the much detested melaleuca tree.

The invasive species was introduced in the 1920's by federal foresters looking for a way to dry up the Everglades. The melaleuca experiment backfired as the Australian import adapted to its new environment, and with no natural pests or enemies, quickly invaded  and literally destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of once pristine native plant communities.  Slowing the tenacious tree's spread hasn't been easy or inexpensive.  The local, state and federal government began to recognize the negative economic impact of the tree in the early eighties.  By that time, the destruction of wetlands, clogging of drainage ways, and invasion of grazing lands were among the many unanticipated consequences of the tree's importation.  It's been estimated that the combined cost of impact, control and eradication is easily into the tens of millions of dollars annually.

One by one, the company ruled out commercial uses of the tree such as lumber, paper, and charcoal.  It finally settled on an ironic (poetic justice) use of the tree . . . landscape mulch.  After months of process development, the company introduced Florimulch®.  A grass-roots campaign to promote the product began in earnest and over the years many individuals, groups and agencies have supported and recommended  Florimulch® as an alternative to cypress mulch.  Founder of the Friends of the Everglades, the late Marjorie Stoneman Douglas was one of our most ardent supporters.


Since the early days, we've grown and diversified...  (reference recent article)

Our environment friendly contracting division Forestry Resources Vegetation Management was a pioneer in wetlands restoration, mitigation and construction.  To date we've restored, mitigated or eradicated exotics from well in excess of thirty thousand acres for hundreds of public agencies, institutions and private enterprises.

Our original two and one half acre manufacturing and processing site has grown to twenty five acres.  Today we process and package nearly thirty products including a variety of mulches, barks, soil and stone.  We've invested an enormous amount of time, training and money to become a state-of-the-art production facility.  During peak season demand, we'll pack 50,000 bags per day.

The Direct Sales and Marketing Team work with virtually every market segment.  Today, we private label for resellers, provide our own brands for regional distribution through distributors and large retailers.  We sell direct to government agencies, the private sector and contractors large and small.  We work closely with the architectural and engineering community in the development of new products and specifications for an ever changing industry.

From humble beginnings, our Forestry Resources Landscape Supply has grown into a top supply operation supporting commercial landscape, maintenance and nursery professionals.  Present locations in Fort Myers, Cape CoralNaples, Bonita SpringsEnglewood and our newest location in Webster

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